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Are They Worried?

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Kristy here.

My mama heart was so sad for him. We haven't really talked about the Coronavirus too much other than explaining why we weren't at school right now (I used the social story below from Zones of Regulation to do this btw).

Well, it's a good thing we had Ruby because the whole story talks about how the best thing you can do is talk about worry. So, Micah and I talked about the Coronavirus. And we keep talking about it because I want him to feel safe and not worried.

As a parent, I am definitely worried. I know I'm not alone in that. I think it is essential to name the worry so that it doesn't overwhelm. I've been watching some really great webinars lately about permitting ourselves to pause and making sure we take care of our well-being. Check one out from Marc Brackett here.

I made this video to encourage the conversation around these little worries that can take over our littles brains, and we might not even be aware of it.

Looking for more resources on worry? Check out our resources on Worry & Anxiety in Kids.

Love this story? Check out more books by Tom Percival , and don't forget to check out our Picture book resource page.

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