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I'm so bored.

How many of you have heard the phrase, "I'm bored!" lately? We are in who knows what day of this stay at home order and we still have a few weeks left of school (which weeks seem to have no meaning right now, but it does feel like a long time) and in the middle of all of this we hear, "I'm bored."

Micah said, "I'm bored because there's nothing to play. I'm SO BORED." Not only is there "nothing" to play with, but there is also "no one" to play with, which makes it even harder because our kids aren't getting the socialization that they typically would if they were at school or with extended family. One of the best ways that we can overcome boredom is by acknowledging it. By simply naming the fact that we are bored, we can identify what we are feeling. Feelings like, "I'm bored because I'm sad that I am not in school right now. I'm sad because I can't see my friends. I'm sad because I can't see my family". By identifying how we feel, we can then address the real issue.

I don't know about you, but Micah is anxious right now. He's anxious to go out for a walk or a car ride. It's hard for a 5-year-old brain to understand this whole thing. So, what do we do? We keep talking. We keep naming it. And we keep being here for each other. I can't tell you how grateful I am for all the connections and moments that are happening in the midst of all this. We are connecting and becoming stronger even though it feels like we are alone and that we are bored. Hang in there. Love, Kristy

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