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Today was a hard day.

It just was. Micah broke down crying multiple times (and, let's be honest, so did I). He's sad

right now. He's sad about not seeing his friends. He's sad about not seeing his teacher. He's sad about not being able to go out and do, well, just go out.

We all know that being in quarantine is hard. Our kids know it too, but they might not have the words for it. Tears, outbursts of anger, refusing to do school? Ya, that's the quarantine talking. And it is hard. A child's brain can not even begin to understand what is going on right now. All they know is that the world is scary and that life is sad.

I can't help but think about all the anxiety that is going to come up when we return to school buildings (whatever that looks like). Kids showing up with separation anxiety from leaving family, anxiety from trauma endured during the quarantine, flat out fear/anxiety from just being out in the world again.

Hard days are real because this is hard. - Brene Brown.

We are going to be okay. We are going to come out of this. Somedays are hard. And today was one of them. Naming it helps. Feeling it helps. Looking forward to tomorrow.

With love, Kristy

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