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Social Emotional Learning At Home

There are so many ideas out there for this whole distance learning thing, but I can tell you right now that my kid wants to connect with other kids and really anyone that will talk to him. 😂 Here are some ways to make learning meaningful and authentic.

Identify the Feeling

I don’t know about you, but behaviors are high right now. My kid has had bursts of anger and tears that come out of nowhere (or maybe that’s me). Our kids’ routines have completely changed. Our routines have completely changed. Everything is out of sorts right now and we are all figuring things out. So, instead of trying to put out behavior fires, expect them. Behaviors are going to happen right now. AND THAT’S OKAY..


One thing we can do is help our kids talk about how they are feeling. If they can name it, then they can tame it. I say this all the time (it helps me too). If they can name what they are feeling, then it will help them (and you) find a coping tool to process the feeling other than throwing things or screaming or crying. Give kids an outlet by using a Feelings Journal

(click link to make a copy). Or have them check in by using a Zone Check. These tools will help them identify what they are feeling and will help you understand what they are feeling as well. All these tools lead to connection which is what we as humans are hired-wired for (totally a Brene Brown quote).


At the end of the day or week, have kids talk about how it is going. Set up the camera and let them talk it out. In this YouTuber age, kids want to record themselves talking. And what a cool way to document their life right now.

Love, Kristy

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