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Remembering Social Emotional Learning at Home

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

As we ALL homeschool right now, here are some ways to keep you and your child calm and connected.

Music Helps

Alexa play instrumental pop music. Trust me. It's soothing and great background noise for your kids. When all else fails, turn on music, do a dance party, whatever.

Think Positive Thoughts

This is for you, but it is also for your child. Consider starting your day with affirmations. Tell your child one thing you love about them. Then tell them one thing you love about yourself. Modeling positive self-talk will allow your child to learn positive self-talk.

Pick a Calm Spot

Every child needs a calm spot (adults included). Put some pillows out, a blanket, fidget tools, books, anything to get your child to calm.

Take Breaks

The nice part about homeschooling is that you can break at any time. Your child might need frequent breaks. This is okay.

Exercise Daily

Exercise will all help us to stay healthy, physically and mentally. It'll also break up the day.


Remember to breathe. We are all in this together. Deep breath. Have you child take deep breaths.

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