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It's Time to Get Started

I don't know about you, but it is tough to get my child started on schoolwork every day. He fights me on it every. single. day. He does enjoy school, but it is the getting started that he struggles with the most.

Whenever I start to see behaviors, then I look for a picture book. For some reason, this kid will listen to a character in a story way more than me.

Luckily, Bryan Smith is phenomenal and has a book for everything. I picked up Time to Get Started and let the magic happen.

You'll see in the read-aloud below that my kid says he has no trouble getting started.

But you know what, I will say that it has gotten a little bit better since we read the story and that's a mama win for me. Enjoy Time to Get Started.

Check out our Daily Routines for more ways to support your child getting started at home. With love, Kristy

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