Say yes to the feelings even as you say no to the behavior
-Daniel j. Siegel  
No Drama Discipline

Things you can say to your Kid

“Your behavior makes me/us feel _______. And we are probably going to _______ and then you are probably going to feel ______." 

“How do you want to feel right now?”

“What do you need right now?”

“I’d like to feel _____ right now. What can you do so that I feel ____?”

“Thank you for being so flexible.”

Strategies to try at home

Give your child 2 reasonable choices. State them, and repeat them.

Divide up the day. Ask your child what they want to work for. Reward them after each chunk of time.

State the expected behaviors BEFORE the activity/plan occurs.

 Disclaimer: The resources and ideas found on this website are all research-based and vetted with a parent and educator lens. The tools listed have worked for our children; however, each child is different. This list is not exhaustive and is a compilation of ideas and strategies to try at home.  No information on this website should be used as medical advice. We are not clinical psychologists, but we do work alongside them as thought partners in this journey.