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Writing can be difficult to teach our kiddos...ESPECIALLY when their brain makes it tricky.

Here are some of my tips for teaching writing at home.

1. Keep their working space the SAME each day. Have your schedule or to-do list out on the table, your Working Clock, pencils, erasers, crayons...Have it all out in the same place each time your kiddo sits down to work. 2. Use a Working Clock! Whatever color you used to write the task down on your to-do list, use the SAME COLOR to shade on your Working Clock. Have your child watch you, OR if your kiddo is older, have THEM shade in the amount of time they’ll have to complete their task. 3. Repeat the learning from the day before. This is a great way to make them feel successful. Front load them the day before by reminding them that the task tomorrow will be exactly the same. Give them CHOICE by changing the TOPIC that they’ll be writing about, the setting of the story, the characters, etc. Just change ONE thing, so they continue to build their confidence in the task. Enjoy this time with your student at home.

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