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Avoiding that SUMMER SLIDE!

Are you worried about your kiddo falling behind during summer?

My kiddo just ended his school year, and let me tell ya, I was anticipating a TON of push back. I know he's excited for summer...and so am I...BUT keeping a schedule AND a balance of fun is KEY!

This is one of my favorite strategies:

  1. Make a list of all the academic choices your child can choose from (Do this TOGETHER so that there's buy-in)

  2. Have your child CHOOSE from the list (We decided that 3 activities would be the perfect amount)

  3. Make a list of things that they WANT to do. Have your child choose what they want to do when they're finished with their tasks.

  4. Make a list of things that they MUST do each day...Keep it simple!

Sticking to a schedule is so important during those summer months, but you'll definitely want to be flexible too! Some days your child will choose three activities from their list, and other days it'll be TWO, and that is totally OK! It's all about giving yourself grace, and enjoying the balance of school and fun! We've all got to have a flexible brain in order to keep going.

You've got this!



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